As Christian singers/songwriters, we have been singing for Jesus since we were young children, but in 2001 we began singing as "Grace Harmony" in a ministerial capacity, offering hope and encouragement through our music to others. In 2003, having resigned our careers to work for the Lord in a full-time capacity, we started our annual "Journey for Jesus". For six months out of the year we travel, proclaiming the "Word" through our original music. In the winter months we stay a little closer to home, but continue to travel and sing for Jesus throughout the state of Florida. Each year our "Journey for Jesus" takes us on a 10,000 to 15,000 mile trek. Our music is our testimony of faith and trust in God and has a unique style all its own; an "easy to listen to" sound with deep, spiritual, Bible-based lyrics that come straight from our hearts. Through our music we strive to help others know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! Rather than being considered "performers", we prefer to be thought of as servants of the Lord. Christ is central in our lives and we place all our faith, trust and hope in Him. We seek a closer relationship with Him through our daily Christian walk. Mike, a graduate of Eastern Illinois University, was a Florida State certified substance abuse counselor and also taught adult basic education in the Florida state correctional system. Sue, an Indiana University graduate, is a registered nurse. Our home church is Eastside Christian Church in Lake Placid, FL. As a stateside mission of Eastside Christian Church, we represent Christ as we carry His message of hope and encouragement to others. Each year our "Journey for Jesus" has taken us out a little farther from home. It is our goal to carry His message as far and as wide as we can possibly travel. We welcome any opportunity to share His message in song with others. If He should speak to your heart and tell you of a place where we might be needed, please let us know.

May God bless you,

Mike and Sue Filisky

"Grace Harmony"


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